About US


The mission of Your Golden Ticket is to provide those less fortunate with opportunities to have interesting, fun and unique experiences by providing tickets to attend live events (e.g. sporting, concerts, theater) or gain access to experiences (e.g., amusement parks, museums, airline travel) that will create lasting memories.

Founder's Statement

In 2013, we founded Your Golden Ticket to give back to children who do not always wake up in the morning excited about their day ahead. The three of us have been very lucky to have attended, in person, many exciting events and our hope is that if we provide others with their "golden ticket," they might have a brighter day. By donating to our wonderful nonprofit you will be giving a less fortunate child an everlasting memory. Your Golden Ticket provides tickets to sporting events, theater shows, concerts, amusement parks, and more to those who would not otherwise be able to attend.
Ryan, Jack and Marley 

Jack, Ryan, and Marley - 2013

our vision

For all children to have access to exciting, fun, interesting, and culturally relevant experiences.